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Is a "prenup" a way of saying you don't completely trust someone even before you get started?  Well, it depends on how you look at it and as Shon will explain today, it can actually be a couple of things including a healthy exercise in transparency and honesty from the very start.  It might not be the most comfortable conversation you will ever introduce when you do, but when you hear what Shon has to say about the subject. you'll see in pretty short order how it can be beneficial for both parties and save a lot of time and grief down the line should the unthinkable happen to "happily ever after".


Ideally, you're young, you're just starting out and you're going to build a life together.  Probably not in the need of a prenuptial agreement.  Like any of our segments with Shon, consult an attorney for your specific circumstances because we're speaking in general terms here folks, your situation could be different and if you are a young newlywed, this might not apply.  OK, now, back the scenarios.  Maybe it's a second or third marriage.  Maybe one partner has accumulated a very large amount of assets.  Maybe it's a matter of protecting the inheritance of kids or protecting the family business that's been around for generations.  It could be to make sure that if one or the other partner passes away, everything is settled in advance.  There are multiple ways to put a prenup to work for the good of everyone concerned especially if things do go south and the courts are involved.  With a prenup in place, the decisions can be made much easier as generally, what's been agreed upon will stand and procedure can be followed.  There are circumstances that come into play in certain occasions that involve fraud or non-disclosure and Shon explains all of that in this weeks conversation too.

As we work our way toward the chat, Andy begins with his theory on how to avoid any of this should a divorce happen.  Taking his advice is not recommended, do keep in mind Shon is the professional here.  Learn what there is to know about prenuptial agreements!


There you have it.  It can be a decidedly difficult thing to address but if the discussion is held in a manner that all parties understand is for the unforeseen and even the unthinkable, a prenuptial agreement could be a very easy way to save yourself a lot of problems down the line.  Shon's advice is always so good and always to the point, but to repeat again, please speak with Shon about your specific needs when it comes to any family law matters or her partner Eric Stevens if you have criminal matters that need to be addressed.  To reach out to either, call 231-894-0909, you can CLICK HERE to e-mail Shon directly and you can always click on the photo below to visit her website.

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