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It's an ongoing series we've got with our fantastic sponsor Shon Cook this Saturdays With Shon Feature.  She spends a little time weekly explaining things from the perspective of an attorney when it comes to a very difficult subject in a very intimidating world, the legal system.  From making sense of the jargon we hear sometimes to applying real life experience to situations she encounters, you get to hear first hand how it works and why.


This week, we circle back a little to parental visitation.  We've talked about this in the past, but today it's taking on a little different feel and parts of the discussion leave Andy scratching his head as to "what will they come up with next".  If a divorce happens and children are involved, visitation is more than likely going to be a sticking point unless of course the parents are wise enough to realize that the kids are the focus and their bickering and pettiness needs to be put aside for them.  It's fully understood that sometimes conditions warrant a battle and it's understood too that sometimes one party or the other might not live up to their end of the agreement and make things difficult.  No matter any of it, always, always put the best interest of the kids first and remember that they are not pawns in the middle of anything.

That being said, what kinds of tactics are parents trying in today's day and age to "work the system"?  What are some of the ideas that lawyers have come up with to push the courts on decisions and see if those ideas fly?  How about some practical solutions to things that would work out for all involved and keep fighting to a minimum and preserve the kids feelings in the middle of it all?  Shon has some ideas, and they are discussed below!

Like any of our visits with Shon, they are for general information purposes only.  Please check with Shon or a qualified attorney for your specific needs.   


Let's circle back. It's about the kids.  Everything that went on that led to the end, it's over.  Do what you can to set aside the differences and vitriol and focus on the fact that you created a tiny human and despite the fact you can't get along, they are depending on both of you to get them through their developmental years and on to being a grown up.  If you need a hand with that, give Shon a call at 231-894-0909, you can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view email Shon directly and of course, link to Shon through her website below.

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