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Back to Lake Harbor Park in Norton Shores for Episode 163 of Fit and Healthy With Becky!!  You'll need a couple of light weight dumb bells for this week as well as some willingness to stick to it because as the headline read, "lightweights and high reps".  We're going to be doing some toning work on those parts ya got and Becky is leading the way!


Find yourself what your comfortable with when it comes to the weight.  Maybe it's 3-5 pounds or maybe it's a little more, there's always room for some personal comfort in Becky's customized workout's for you.  If you choose too as well, you can leave the weight out and just use body weight.  It's going to be Tabata style again, but we're going for some higher repetition to tighten things up a little where you might need it, so get ready to move!

Plenty of water!  Make sure the Dr. gives you the green light!  Warm up!  Stretch out!  Let's go!  It's episode 163 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel.


Now back it up with proper nutrition that's affordable and ready for the whole week!  Wait?!?  You think Pop Tarts and PB&J are all proper nutrition?  Guess again and take a look at what Becky is cooking up at West Michigan Meal Prep.  All direct out of Kitchen 242 in Muskegon, made fresh with the healthiest of ingredients and ready for pick up or delivery every week.  Saves time, saves money and saves you the hassle of trying to figure out what to eat!  Here's the link, make the order and enjoy!

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