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So, let's pretend something for a minute.  Let's pretend that everyone, everywhere is arguing about everything.  It's 2020 right?  Wait a second.  Who's pretending?  The world is filled with nothing but arguments and we're all worn out on it.  Completely and totally.  So, why don't we stop and ask someone who argues for a living about the nuance of argument and how those who practice the discipline professionally handle things in the heat of the moment as well as when it's time to recompose yourself and gather up what's say professionalism and dignity and realize that there's colleagues, ethics and a future to embrace.


Lawyers are paid advocates for those they represent and it's on them to carry the passion and purpose that is necessary to benefit their client.  They are also humans, and like any human the desire to win is real and the desire to perform for someone who's hired you is paramount.  With that, there can also be temptation to go as far as possible to achieve those goals.  With the desire to that, it can cause rules to be bent, things to be said and as we see in the movies and TV, a "reputation" among some lawyers to be less than "above board".  Shon explains that in her business, ethics are a big deal.  It begins with self policing the situation.  It takes some discipline that comes with time and it also takes some self awareness about the job vs. the home life.  There is too a board of review for attorneys who can hear a complaint about an attorney and the actions taken by that board can be severe is the attorney is found to be out of bounds. 

As today's video runs, think about all the arguing.  Think about what it is to argue for a living and a purpose and think too about the long term of those arguments.  People and passions are all so high right now, and some common sense can't hurt.  Here's Shon's thoughts on lawyers, arguing and the code of conduct they live by.


There ya have it.  It's important to stand by your convictions for sure, and it's also important to know that as a rule, those working in the legal field do too and they self police and are checked by their peers as well.  Working with an attorney is almost like working with a doctor.  You need to know that they are out for your best interests, but you need to know too that they will maintain proper decorum while they are doing that and that their reputation is held in high regard in the legal system and among their peers.  Shon, she is that attorney.  If you need a hand, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly.  You can call 231-894-0909 or, you can always click on the image below to visit her website. 

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