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We're talking "discovery" this morning and not the kind where you tune in to see your favorite sharks or some guys digging a hole to the other side of the earth week after week and never really finding anything.  No, we're talking discovery as a legal term and the lengths that have to be attained when it comes to gathering up all of the information possible when it comes to mediation, arbitration or even a court appearance.


Discovery is when attorneys ask both sides in a dispute to come up with everything being disputed basically.  It's also a time where the rubber can really hit the road when it comes to knowing if both parties have been up front with one another.  Are there hidden bank accounts for instance?  How about the discovery of a secondary relationship that has caused some strain on a marriage?  Discovery of things like the value on some shared assets or debt and how they will be divided and more.'s the moment when all the cards are laid on the table and the sorting begins.  It can be an open an honest experience and it can be a time that some people might just decide to settle and not have everything laid out like that.

Once it's all in place, as we've talked a few times, the procedures can begin.  Can it be hashed out between the couple?  Can mediation effectively handle what needs to be taken care of and let things conclude?  Does it have to go on to a judge for a decision?

Shon articulately explains it all and how the process works in this weeks episode.  Take a listen.


It can be an unsettling time for some, depending on how open and honest things have been in the relationship up till that point.  For those who've been above the board, it's the time where things are all laid out and the pieces begin to get picked up and responsibility is taken care of.  Like many of our conversations, these are not the times people ever imagine when they dream of the happily ever after, but with a caring and compassionate attorney to help guide you through that process, an equitable resolution can be reached and life can go on.  Please, if you need a hand, contact Shon.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to e-mail Shon directly.  You can also call 231-894-0909 or link to her website by clicking below.

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