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Becky is a little under the weather this week.  We tried and tried to find a time to get in a recording session but if you know Becky, the one thing she doesn't like at all is when she can't perform at her peak, it's no bueno.  So, while she shakes it, we'll go back a few weeks to the sunshine filled Lake Harbor Park and give you another shot at episode 163.

Find yourself what your comfortable with when it comes to the weight.  Maybe it's 3-5 pounds or maybe it's a little more, there's always room for some personal comfort in Becky's customized workout's for you.  If you choose too as well, you can leave the weight out and just use body weight.  It's going to be Tabata style again, but we're going for some higher repetition to tighten things up a little where you might need it, so get ready to move!

Plenty of water!  Make sure the Dr. gives you the green light!  Warm up!  Stretch out!  Let's go!  It's episode 163 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel.


You done gone and did it.  We'll be back and ready to roll next week we hope.  Making sure Becky or anyone here is in good health and taken care of is what's important.  After all, without Becky and the rest of the staff here, we have nothing.  Stay Fit and Healthy and we'll be back with new episodes next week.