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People do what they love doing, right?  If you're a lawyer, you'd think that the litigation part of life is where the rubber hits the road and all of your years of training, development and experience get to shine!  You're in front of the judge, the're grilling witness, you're using your skills as an speaker and presenter, you're showing the evidence, you're preparing for the "moment", it's all on the line.... it really in the best interest of those you serve?  Well, maybe not according to Attorney Shon Cook.  Shon does all that stuff, and she's really good at it.  She's also really good at seeing through things and one of those things is that in a Family Court situation all of that legal wrangling is flashy and everything, but in the end...someone else is going to be making some very tough decisions about very personal things and the gravity of that outcome can be heavy.  shon headshotFollow Shon Cook Law on Facebook

Shon is also a Mediator. How about this for an idea.  With some of the decisions that are made in a Family Court setting, imagine being in control a little more?  Imagine not having to present the evidence, and await the outcome decided by a stranger based on the letter of the law?  Imagine taking away the anticipation of the decision and potential outcomes that clearly leave someone at a loss?

Mediation is a legal way to settle things that has been going on quite a while as Shon explains today.  Like anything, it takes a while to catch on here, but now that it is, she and her team work very hard with clients to help people settle differences, remain in control and achieve the best outcome.  Take a listen to the difference between litigation and mediation with Shon Cook.  



Seems like a pretty acceptable substitute to a court battle huh?  Shon is always about the best possible outcome.  Family Law is difficult and the issues faced are never much fun.  Consider her as a mediator as opposed to a full on court battle and see if this option is right for your situation.  Getting a hold of Shon is easy.  231-894-0909 is the number to her office.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly and to visit her online, please click on the photo below.

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