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Becky is up and back on her feet after not feeling so well, but you know those highly in demand folks....well, that and hunting season where Becky has been known to fill a freezer or two with her adventures in the woods.  Well, we'll get back to new episodes next week, after all, making sure folks here are in good shape is our first priority and well, it is fire arms deer season, so we're not going to get pushy with Becky if you catch the drift.


With that, let's flashback a few months and hit Ross Park again where she busted out some dumbbells and got to it.  It's hard to believe this was back in August already, but we keep chuggin' along and Becky will be all new next week!  Let's get to it!  It's a Fit and Healthy Rewind with Becky on The Muskegon Channel.


Great job!! New episodes return next week! Please, take care of yourself, be safe and know we're all thinking about you here at The Muskegon Channel!