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Shon Cook joins us weekly to discuss a number of topics.  All of course centered around the legal world, because as an Attorney, Shon knows a couple of things.  She's part of a highly specialized field that can get very complicated and is filled with a lot of jargon that the average Joe just doesn't understand to knowing the "responsibility of an attorney" which is what we're discussing today.


Yes, an attorney is highly educated and understands a great deal about the legal system, but as we talked about the specialization of the field, it's also up to an attorney to understand if there is someone else in the field that might know more or be able to help better.  It's also on the attorney to be able to understand the range of human factors that come into play when dealing with things such as emotion, reaction and urgency.  Attorney's have to understand that their services are valuable but there is a nuance to business and they have to understand things that might effect people years down the road from the actions taken now, because while decisions are being made, sometimes those who need the help of an attorney might not be able to "see the forest through the trees"

As the conversation gets underway this week, we even have an amazing, recent case study to bring up where Andy O went to Shon for some legal help on a property title and Shon used the responsibility of an attorney to get things handled quickly and efficiently, take a listen.


Amazing how much goes in to the job Shon does.  It might be different for big corporate lawyers, but a local Family Law Attorney like Shon has a lot of things to factor in when it comes to her work and they are things we can all apply to ourselves and what we do for a living.  Sure, there's some "legal ease" to her line of work, but honesty, compassion, making things easy to understand and just being there from time to time is something anyone can do.  A great example is set, take Shon's advice this week and apply it.  If you are in need of a hand, Shon's only a phone call away.  231-894-0909.  You can CLICK HERE to email Shon directly and of course, you can click on the image below to visit her website. 

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