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It's been a couple weeks of "Best Of's" with Becky, some time off for everyone is ok once in a while and as Becky sat in trees waiting to shoot anything with brown fur, antlers and a whit tail, she gave some thought to what needed to be done upon return to Fit and Healthy especially with the overwhelming amount of those who have become sick lately with COVID.  


If you read down the line on just about any social platform, you see so many who are sick, recovering or even hospitalized.  While many are recovering, there are some who have been hit so hard they never imagined the level of illness they have found and they never suspected they'd get as sick as they did.  Well, where do you begin when you bounce back?  Becky is here to show you today some simple, low impact ways to get moving again and we're asking that you take it kind of easy as you get started

Like any workout program, consult your Dr. before you begin.  ESPECIALLY if you are recovering from COVID.  Make sure you warm up, stretch out and drink plenty of fluids!  Here comes Episode 169 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on The Muskegon Channel.   


Easy as she goes on your path to recovery! Hey, this pandemic has knocked us all for a loop and getting back from the edge is going to take some time.  If you are just coming out of a fight with it use this as a way to slowly get going again.  If you get caught with it, take all precautions to isolate and get treatment if you need it.  We are simply worn out here at the Muskegon Channel on all things COVID and we just want to get back to normal.  We even had to film at The Gym which had to voluntarily close things up for a few days.  It's real, it's scary and there are no firm answers.  Be well.

Don't forget too, that proper nutrition will help in the battle.  Becky has West Michigan Meal Prep and can have delicious and affordable meals ready for you every week!  Click on the photo below to visit her site and get your order in! 

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