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Every week, we spend a few minutes visiting with our sponsor Shon Cook.  She's a Family Law Attorney in Whitehall and her advice, well, simply put it's amazingly helpful because she makes all the legal speak understandable for the average person and she also makes the legal system less intimidating for her clients.  Let's face it, Shon is not generally called upon when everything is smooth sailing and there's nothing to worry about.  Having an attorney that not only works for the very best outcome for you as a client is important, but so are the "soft skills" of the job which Shon is able to share with us here every week to a degree and how she implements them into her practice.


Today, it's a discussion about divorce.  Sadly, they happen and none of them are ever foreseen when that first spark in a relationship is found.  This is one of those moments where an attorney's skills outside the courtroom come in to play and it's where the development of an attorney the caliber of Shon and her years of experience benefit the most.  Hey, we're dealing with humans here.  Human interaction.  Human emotion.  Human loss, grief and to some, a sense of failure.  The end of a marriage has been equated to a death in the family.  It's a hard process and the grief is real.  Yes, there are mechanics to any court proceeding but there are also ways to help people work things out.  There are ways to help people see past the immediate hurt and anger and ways to help them begin the healing process as soon as they can after the paperwork is done. shon headshotShon Cook Law on Facebook

Shon explains this today.  She's also sharing some "success" stories over the years.  Some clients who've gone from the very bottom when she first met them due to their situation, to remarkably happy and content people who got past all of the anger and misery and saw that a second chance is there, and the proper guidance to get through the tough stuff was what it took.  Take a listen.








Success stories are always great to hear, but no success starts at the finish line.  In the case of Shon working with her clients, success begins when rock bottom is hit for the most part.  The happy days will come again, but they happen to come much quicker with the skilled work of a compassionate lawyer who's main goal is the best outcome for all she serves.  This is the complete atmosphere of service at Shon Cook Law in Whitehall.  From the office and support staff to the attorneys who work tirelessly for you.  Shon Cook Law is the place to come.  You can call 231-894-0909.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly or you can click on the photo below connect with Shon online!

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