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A new year and a new feature on the Muskegon Channel.  Caitlin Anderson operates Tranquil Waves Yoga in Muskegon and she's come to the Muskegon Channel to show off her passion and how the ancient practice of yoga benefits more than just your physical well-being.  It's an approach to your whole body, mind and spirit.  


Today, it's the Child Pose.  It's a practice designed for the hips, thighs and ankles.  It's done to relax the brain, relieve stress and fatigue and you may find it relieves some back and neck pain.  It's an easy way to start in to yoga, but like any other physical activity, ask your Dr. if you are in ok shape to begin this or any other exercise program.

It's a big day for us.  We're so proud to welcome a new show to The Muskegon Channel it's Tranquil Waves Yoga, episode 1 with Caitlin Anderson!


Are you filled with Zen?  Hey, this is a long term benefit for you!  Use these short lessons on here to get familiar with yoga and it's benefits and if you're ready for a little more one on one in this.....Caitlin is open for new clients and if you caught our interview on Thursday, she's working toward opening a stay tuned as we watch her grow!  You can always learn more or make contact direct with Caitlin by visiting her website by clicking on the photo below.  You can also CLICK HERE to visit Caitlin on Facebook.

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