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Welcome to our weekly feature Saturdays With Shon.  Attorney Shon Cook joins us weekly to talk about some kind of aspect of her profession Family Law, and while the legal world is sometimes quite complicated, Shon makes things pretty easy to understand with plain English and plain common sense.  She's a remarkable asset to our viewers and we're so thankful for her participation and sponsorship.


We've discussed a lot of topics that some may have never even given a second thought, but this week, and for the next few, it's a topic that anyone who's been through a divorce can understand.  How do assets get divided?  In a marriage, especially one that's been established for a while, a lot of things accumulate hopefully.  Not only do things like a house and cars come along, but hopefully too so do savings, investments, maybe some toys like a boat or a travel trailer.  Time means things add up and this week, we're starting off with the biggest of them all, the home.  shon headshotShon Cook Law on Facebook

There are a lot of factors when it comes to who's keeping the house.  It could be something that one or the other had before the marriage, it could be taken into consideration if there are kids involved.  Even the factors like ability to continue paying for a house after a divorce can come in to the decision process.  It's a heavy toll and a hard decision, after all, all that was is generally represented in a house, but as you'll hear Shon discuss in this weeks segment, it's something that should probably be figured out before you take it to a judge.  Once it's presented to a judge, the decision is out of everyone's control.  Even through the worst of times, having some kind of say in things would be beneficial, right?  Grant it, there are times when it's just not possible and that's what the judge is there for, but Shon is equally a Mediator as much as she is an Attorney, so she specializes in a resolution that best benefits her clients.  

We should add with this one, that every case is unique.  If you are in need of the advice of a competent, caring and trusted attorney, please know Shon is there.  There's a great wealth of information in this weeks chat.  Take a listen.  




Sound, sensible and passionate advice.  It's a very hard time to go through a divorce.  The emotions and personal feelings can overwhelm anyone.  It takes the knowledge and expertise combined with the compassion and understanding of an attorney like Shon to help navigate the process for the best outcome.  If you need a hand, please call her at 231-894-0909.  You can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email her directly and of course, click on the photo below to visit her website.  

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