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It finally happened!  In all of our visits with Shon and her amazing legal advice that's been going on for a while, through all of the complicated legal talk made simple, through all of the daily grind that Shon makes interesting, through all the confusion cut through and the red tape slashed away....Shon has finally admitted to something that no one in the process of a divorce seems to like when it comes to legalities and that's division of personal property.


It stands to reason though.  Personal just that.  There's one key term that comes to mind..."One man's trash, is another man's treasure".  This isn't to say that someone has a bunch of junk in a relationship, but what's invaluable to someone, can be worthless to someone else.  Take for instance a set of tools.  In the hands of a skilled craftsmen, they can build a house, to a computer code writer, they might be worth having a screwdriver around to put a new face plate on an electrical socket.  Same would apply to a recipe book, or maybe a record collection...value is personal on a lot of things and what we hold dear, well, someone else might not care and sadly, there may be no real cash value to the sentiments.  shon cook officeShon Cook Law on Facebook

There are some things however in a divorce that do have value and that do need to be sorted out.  Assets like large equipment, vehicles, maybe things like a gun collection, antiques...things that have an appraisal value.  The hope is that all of these assets like this can be sorted out ahead of seeing a judge through mediation and agreement, but if it can't that's where the huge sigh comes in by the legal pros. It's not easy to make a decision on some of this stuff, and Shon explains why.  Take a listen.




A cross stitched fish.  You can't make this stuff up.  Shon, has been through it all and knows that division of personal assets is hard, but in working with highly skilled professionals who can help decide what's what and what's fair for all ahead of a judge making an arbitrary decision over something that someone holds dear, well, that's why she's in business.  If you need a hand, please give her a call at 231-894-0909, you can CLICK HERE to email Shon directly and you can also click on the image below to visit her website and connect there.

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