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Shon Cook breaks down the most complicated legal matters every week for us in her feature Saturdays With Shon.  It's an extension of her work for her clients, and the easiest way to reach a big audience?  Find a bigger platform.  We love being able to bring you the expertise and we love the fact too that Shon believes in sharing her knowledge with those who frequent our publishing's.  Everyone wins!  


This week, as we recorded our segment, it crossed my mind that this could truly be the most difficult subject we've discussed as there are so many factors that come in to play from almost every aspect of life.  We're talking about deviation of child support payments and the factors that go into the equation of how the final number of what's paid for the children is reached.  It's a combination of so many things that semi annually, the state releases a book of guidelines to explain what the variants are.  It's a big book as you'll see.  In it, every ting is discussed from age of parents to bonus levels and commission at a job and everything in between and how it all applies to the bottom line when it comes to child support.  Why does it feel so complicated?  Well, not only is the list of rules and exceptions long, but factor in the amount of human emotion that comes in to play when decisions like this are being made.  One parent almost always feels like it's not enough, while the other feels that it's too much and the kids...they are in the middle.  Difficult. shon cook law leadShon Cook Law on Facebook

This is where the incredible expertise and compassion of a great attorney like Shon is needed.  To understand all you're going through and help you reach the best resolution, especially for the kids, that's what it's all about.  This is one of our longer conversations, but it's so important.  Every case is unique, and of course, if you are in need of assistance, getting a hold of Shon is the fist step.  Her number is 231-894-0909.  Take a listen to this weeks conversation.




It's pretty clear to see why qualified, compassionate and caring attorney's are needed.  This is Shon's area of expertise and it's so important to make sure it's right.  Let her and the staff at Shon Cook Law help you in your case and make sure that things are handled appropriately for everyone involved.  To call the office 231-894-0909.  CLICK HERE to email Shon direct or visit her website by clicking below.