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If you can't pronounce it, it's gotta be good when it comes to yoga right?  Hey, it's all new to us as well and Caitlin Anderson is here with another episode of Tranquil Waves Yoga on the Muskegon Channel.  This week, the discipline is called Ujjayi Pranayama.  It's pronounced "ooh-JAH-yee prah-nah-YAH-mah".  You'll want to fill your lungs completely and breathe through your nose.

We're glad you're here giving this a try.  We've worked to bring new and different programming to the Muskegon Channel in order to give you a chance to engage with something in the privacy of your own home if you choose or if you prefer, you can find some friends and do these things together.  We also use these programs to help develop people who are out to build their own business up.  Like Fit and Healthy With Becky or Soul Filled with LaKisha Harris, we've got people doing amazing things right here in town and with what we can publish, we can give them a way to reach you like no other.  Caitlin offers in person coaching in the ancient art of yoga.  She's doing sessions via digital meetings now, but as she grows, she's got a studio in mind and there will come a day when the masses all gather together under the Tranquil Waves Yoga umbrella.

So, while we can't really pronounce Ujjayi Pranayama, Caitlin is the expert and she's here for your Sunday morning moment of Zen.  Join her for episode 6 of Tranquil Waves Yoga on the Muskegon Channel. 


Like that? Get some more! You'll find a link to Caitlin's website below and if you are interested in taking it to the next level, take a look at what she offers.  You might find that the deeper you go in this practice the more you get from it.  If you are still in the testing it out mode, keep coming back.  Caitlin will be here every Sunday with a new episode on the Muskegon Channel.

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