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The arguments have been had.  The mediation was attempted.  The lines have been drawn and it's time to settle things with the filing of a divorce in a court.  As we've talked in just about every one of our Saturdays With Shon episodes that deal with divorce, it wasn't exactly planned for in the happily ever after part of things, but it does happen and this step, well when you actually file the divorce, it's a contract that is for the rest of your life past the marriage.


The filing part is important, after all, once it's signed and in, that's it.  Unless of course you'd like to open it back up, pay all over again, argue, fuss and fight.  You can even run right down to the court and get a form to fill out and file it yourself.  But, are you going to do that without the expert advice of someone who really knows their stuff?  Kind of like taxes.  Filling out a 1040-EZ is a snap if you're a first time worker and make under a certain amount with nothing to write off, but if you get the the point where you've got all of these assets, deductions, things you've paid for, etc and so on and need to go to the 1040 long form, it's probably best to find someone who know everything there is to know about tax codes and things and can make the very most of what you've paid and what you'll get back.  Same holds true for a divorce.  Everything that has to be divided is one thing, but how about things that might pop up in a few years?  How about some questions that need closed ended answers as opposed to "whenever"?  These are the important things to consider when filing a divorce and why the years of experience and know how from someone like Shon Cook are worth every penny you'll spend with her.

Shon is here with this weeks advice and like any of these discussions, they are for general information purposes.  Every case is unique and every case has it's own nuance to it, so it's truly best to discuss with an attorney all of the options for the best outcome for everyone, but this is truly worth a listen.  


If it's come to this, and after you've heard what Shon's had to offer this week, it's pretty clear that a little now saves a LOT later and that having the help of qualified, caring and compassionate professionals behind you for the best outcome is vital.  Give Shon a call at 231-894-0909.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly and you can always click below to visit her website for more help in any kind of Family Law situation that you might find.

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