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It's a time to remember. Would like you to think back to when you were little and first forming your thoughts about going to the Doctor for any number of things.  Maybe is was a check up, maybe it was for those shots we all had to have as kids, or maybe you were a kid that needed a little more attention.  Those formative years probably dictate how you see visiting a Dr. now and how you were treated, that can continue to have an impression.  Today, I got to do something most grandparents don't, I got to visit with a Pediatrician and we talked a little about the importance of making sure that your kids are still being seen for all the "normal" kid stuff while they are growing up and we talked too about some of the extenuating circumstances that he as a physician sees today.


Meet Dr. Joshua Kalb of Mercy Health Physician Partners who's practice is all about kids!  A young father himself, he knew from the age of about 3 that he would be a Dr. someday and he drew inspiration from a gifted pediatrician back in those early days which fueled his desire.  As we talked a little, it was pretty clear to see that being a pediatrician today has changed immensely compared to what I grew up with.  He works to earn the trust of the patient and parents and adaptation to how problems are faced today by a younger generation of parent and the proven science of medicine has evolved too.  It's pretty clear to see that Dr. Kalb is on point when it comes to care for young people and he's a very refreshing Dr. to visit with. doc kalbDr. Kalb Online

We did have a topic however.  Today, it's about children and healthcare in a pandemic.  Dr. Kalb encourages the regular visits don't just get kicked down the road.  Mercy Health Physician Partners are going above and beyond as far as all of the precautions for office visits with it comes to COVID, I got screened just like anyone coming in to the office and of course, being front line workers, they are all set with immunizations.  Making sure your "Well Child" visits are up to date is important, especially for newborns and kids with some other complex health issues.  Kids too should be getting their normal vaccines on schedule to prevent some of the other problems that arise and above all, it's important to know how your child's mental health is and speaking to a Dr. like Dr. Kalb can be an amazing way to start that conversation with them.  It's so important to remember that little people see and feel the stress we've all been under and they might not have the coping mechanisms that develop.  Dr. Kalb explains some ideas on how to help in our talk today.

It's one of the greatest parts of our partnership with Mercy Health to be able to bring some of their people right into your world here.  Kind and caring professionals who strive to maintain the health and well being of us all and provide world class care without having to go to some bigger city.  Take a listen to our visit with Dr. Kalb today about pediatrics in a pandemic.  You'll get a lot of great information in a short amount of time. 






Pretty clear to see that pediatrics has evolved past a room full of Dr's and nurses holding some kid down to make them swallow a spoonful of medicine.  What a step in the right direction from what I remember.  Like any of life's biggest achievements, parenthood is a time of learning and growth for both the parent and the child.  An understanding Pediatrician like Dr. Kalb is relatable, living it all at the same pace as today's parent and he brings an entire lifetime of love for medicine and particularly kids medicine to the table.  Make sure your kids are not putting off what's necessary during the pandemic and rest assured that Mercy Health Physician Partners are safe and comforting on so many levels.  Our thanks to the good Dr. for giving up his lunch hour today for a visit and his great advice!

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