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Shon Cook is an awesome sponsor of what we do and she's also all about an outreach to help people understand the legal world in simple terms that are easily understandable for the common person.  Legal speak can be very difficult to understand and for an attorney of Shon's caliber to understand that helping clients know what's going on, it's a resource that is worth it's weight in gold.  We're always thankful for our visits with Shon.


This week, it's a discussion about joint legal custody.  It goes a little past visitation and where a child is overnighting day to day.  Joint legal custody refers to the decision making roles in a child's life and who makes key decisions.  Major stuff too like what school will a child attend, will they practice a particular religion, as time goes on Shon even mentions tattoo's and piercings can be a factor. Medical decisions...a key part.  How about elective procedures like an orthodontist?  It can be very costly and the decisions need to be made in advance over how these things will be decided once separate lives have gone their own ways.  Even a baptism has to be part of a decision in a case of joint legal custody.  Starting to make sense why a great family law attorney like Shon is needed?

It's not one of our longest discussions, but it's an important one.  Shon explains in detail all of the things you need to know about joint legal custody, how judges react to issues that arise and how the best solutions for clients have worked out in the past.  Take a listen. 


Understanding is the key and Shon putting the terms in to layman's language benefits HUNDREDS weekly.  If you are in search of an attorney for Family Law or even Criminal Law the Law Offices of Shon Cook are the people to talk to.  The legal world moves fast and trying to understand the whole process makes it intimidating.  As you can see, week in and week out, by example, Shon and her team take the time to help you understand everything going on and make sure too that the whole process has the best outcome.  You can call Shon's office at 231-894-0909.  You can CLICK HERE to email Shon directly and you can always click on the image below to visit Shon's website! 

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