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It's a Sunday morning and it's a chance to decompress a little.  We welcomed Caitlin Anderson at the beginning of 2021 to assist with that and to help her get her feet planted a little as she works to grow her life's passion of sharing yoga with people and one day, maybe open a studio to complete her dream one day soon.  Opening a studio at the moment?  Might be a little on the challenging side as we're riding out the tail end of all we've been through, but hey, we can adapt and Caitlin has too offering more personal experiences via digital classes and introductory segments like you'll see here today.


Today, Caitlin is showing you some Progressive Relaxation.  Get ready.  This is a tour of a tune up and it's all based on the idea that when your body is physically relaxed, you can't be anxious.  Does that mean anxiety is going to leave you immediately?  Probably not, but you do have to keep in mind that yoga is centuries old and no one was an expert over night.  We're going to work through those muscle groups while concentrating on breathing and Caitlin will walk you through those groups in today's video.  What groups?  Well, from your forehead to your toes, it's a pretty comprehensive endeavor and it's said that as you get more and more familiar with this, it might be one of the better ways to help fight insomnia.  tw leadTranquil Waves Yoga on Facebook

Like any physical activity, it's best to consult a physician before you begin we'll be doing plenty of stretching here so that's good.  Lot's of water of course, and let's get to it!  A little Sunday morning Zen from Tranquil Waves Yoga and The Muskegon Channel.






Good? It should be!  What a great way to begin things and if you're new to it all, you are welcomed with open arms.  Caitlin has 7 more episodes you can find here on demand, and they are also on the Muskegon Channel for Roku and Amazon Fire TV.  Keep in mind too, these are just a beginners step for what Caitlin has to offer.  If this is something you really think you'd like more of, reach out to her and talk a little more!  You'll find her Facebook page linked above and her website is just a click below!  We hope you enjoyed today's segment!  See you next Sunday for more!

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