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It's our partnership with Mercy Health that affords us the incredible opportunities to bring the most incredible guests right to you when it comes to health and wellness in Muskegon.  I mean, it's not every day you get to sit down and speak with a Structural Heart Specialist like Dr. Noah Thormeier.  Not only do you get the chance to talk with him, it's not limited to 30 second sound bytes that may leave you with more questions than answers.  It's an amazing way of engagement and we're so thankful to the organization and the good Dr. for the time.


As February draws to a close, you start thinking about Spring and a little more outdoor activity, which hopefully will get that heart of yours pumping a little more, a little more physical activity going on every direction and let's be honest...getting let out of the house is never a bad idea either.  Well, February is designated American Heart Month and it's focused on making sure that your ticker is in the best shape it can be.  This year too, there's an emphasis on some of the things you may be tempted to put off due to the pandemic and all, but the message is pretty clear that waiting, especially when it comes to your heart, is really not in your best interest.  All of the best technology is there to help if you use it, but kicking the can down the road to avoid getting checked out over virus concerns shouldn't really be in the play book because everything is safe to the highest of standards, health screenings are given upon entry and of course, the frontline hero's in the medical community who have chosen to be have been vaccinated.  The simple message is DON'T WAIT for cardiac care! noah thormeier 3970Dr. Thormeier Online

Let's add in some step you can take on your own too.  Some simple things, like changing up your lifestyle to include some exercise and making better food choices.  Working on lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.  Finding a path to get the proper information on how to begin to make those heart healthy lifestyle and diet changes.  It's all part of preventative cardiac care that should keep you from an early meeting with our good Dr. Thormeier, but if and when the time comes, know this, you'll be in great hands. 

Dr. Thormeier is here today to explain some of the best practices in heart health.  He also shares some great ways to get started on a path to a healthier heart and he clears up some of the things we hear over and over and over.  You know...those terms that go by in commercials so fast that there's never a second to comprehend what they are talking about?  Add in some discussion about the WATCHMAN procedure which has brought an entirely new ballgame to heart care and something Dr. Thormeier is really passionate about, and you've got the makings of a great discussion during Heart Month!  Take a listen.






What a great conversation and what a relief to just spend a few minutes talking to a specialist like Dr. Thormeier.  We really appreciate the ability to bring a little more than most when it comes to topics like this.  It's a format not afforded to many with the pace of news and journalism today and to just slow it down some, show you the care and compassion behind the people who take care of all of us and their willingness to share what motivates and inspires them to perform the science based miracles they do for all of us...we simply couldn't ask for more.  

Don't put off the heart care you need!  After all, we need you!  Don't forget, to someone, you are the entire world.  Make sure you're doing all you can to take care of what makes you go and that you can be there for them for a long time to come.  To learn more about Mercy Health, please, click on their logo below!  


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