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So you're in a dispute and there are a few different ways things can go.  Like always, when working for her clients, Shon Cook looks for the best outcome.  In the matter of the legal world, there are a few ways to get to that outcome and as we've discussed a few times trying to maintain control of how that outcome arrives is the best way of managing things as opposed to leaving a decision to a judge, who really has no stake in the game, they just make a decision.


This brings us to this weeks topic of a settlement.  When working toward a resolution quite often the value of great representation of an attorney is that they are able to think things through for you when it comes to removing themselves from the emotional part of the process and use a little clarity and experience away from the immediate issue and help make a decision that will be the right one for the long term.  Reason being, and as you will hear discussed today once the decision is made and the documents are signed, that's pretty much it.  A settlement too isn't necessarily a win/lose  situation.  Remember, the best outcome is the goal.  If a settlement between disputing parties can be arranged, even if it takes a few different approaches like mediation, attorney intervention or even just discussion between the parties in dispute.  Some may see a settlement as giving in, but it's just not the case.  Removing yourself from the temporary emotion of a situation to attain the outcome....that's the trick.

Like any legal proceeding, they are all unique and consulting an attorney is important.  Shon does an amazing job this week of explaining a settlement however and it's a great way to get a basic understanding of it.  


So, finding a way to settle up isn't always a win or lose thing and it doesn't have to feel like it is.  Shon and her staff are experts at understanding the situations presented and being able to guide their clients through the times when personal attachment might make you lean into the idea of fist to cuffs more than making a sound decision over an issue.  If you need a hand it's only a phone call away.  231-894-0909.  You can CLICK HERE to email Shon directly and as always, click on the photo below to visit Shon's website for more details.

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