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Sunday Morning!!  Let's find some balance and center and let's have Caitlin Anderson be our guide on Tranquil Waves Yoga!  It's a great way to give yourself a little break and learn some skills that you can carry with you for years and you can kind of get the feel for in the privacy of your own home.  It's been an emerging practice in the USA for a while, but worldwide, it's a daily event for millions and they rely on this ancient discipline.  Caitlin is working digitally now, but in time and as her audience grows, she'll open her own yoga studio some day, but for now, between her shows here and her private tutorials that you can learn more about on her website, she's building a client base and to have her pick us to help get started, we're honored!


This week, the most important part of what we'll be learning involves your butt.  Yup!  Nothing more really needed than your bee-hind as Caitlin will be walking you through some easy seat variations.   Now, some of them may require a little more limberness than some can manage, and that's ok.  Don't go too far past your comfort zone as you work your way through these transitions.  Remember, this is being done at a fairly comfortable pace for newbies and beginners so thinking you need to snap a hamstring to keep up is probably not the best idea.  

We've got a variety of ways you're going to be twisting, turning moving and getting your Zen going today, so join Caitlin with Episode 9 of Tranquil Waves Yoga on The Muskegon Channel!


Ahhhh. Nice huh?  So you've learned some seated transitions, you learned how to easily move through them and what they help you attain.  Now, let's remember back to where we were talking about snapping a hamstring.  It's a good idea to get comfortable with what you're doing and then ease into a little more reach and motion slowly.  Making sure that along the way that you're following the instructions and limits!  Before you know it, you'll be as flexible as they come!

If you'd like to know more about Tranquil Waves Yoga as well as Caitlin's one on one experiences, you can click on the photo below to meet up with her online and see what she's got!

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