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We're a dozen deep!!  Tranquil Waves Yoga is a pre-teen on the Muskegon Channel and this week, Caitlin is going to start showing some moves that some might struggle with at times.  We've see all kinds of things in the beginners stages, but this week it's a transition from one pose to another and it's going to require a little balance, strength and since it's new...there may even be blooper reel, but that's perfectly of because you are in the privacy of your home and learning an entirely new thing.  Sure, there might be a kid or a dog watching, but they could use a laugh.  :)


We're going to transition from the downward facing dog position to a lunge.  It's a matter of one of the more common poses where you're on all 4's and need to make a shift into that lunge position.  As you'll see in this weeks video, it might take some practice, might take a little trial and error, but Caitlin is an expert and will help you walk right through it with all she knows.

This is great practice that is a bit of a sample and a bit of a lead in.  We hope, like we do with all of our physical fitness shows that what you see and do here leads to more.  Caitlin is currently offering one on one experiences with online meetings.  She's also on her way to building a business where her studio will be a gathering place of joy and comfort, while sharing her passions and making our area a little more Zen filled!

For now, enjoy the calm quiet of a Sunday Morning and Tranquil Waves Yoga on the Muskegon Channel.


Breathing, stretching, motion and hopefully some mindful reflection.  Kinda what it's all about here on Sunday morning!  We hope that you can come back again later today, maybe tomorrow or whenever and try it all again.  We hope too that if you enjoy this, maybe you'll share the page with some friends and they can experience the same things you are.  To learn more about Caitlin and Tranquil Waves Yoga, click on her logo below and visit her website.  

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