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It's a great discussion this week with Attorney Shon Cook about what she does and the people she serves.  When people are in any stage of a divorce, they are in a very difficult time of life.  No one ever plans the happily ever after to come crashing down and when it does, both parties are in some state of mental distress.   As we've seen over the last year, even those we think are capable of the most monumental feats when it comes to mental dexterity have limits and it's exhausting, defeating and when you are placed in a heightened circumstance like the end of a marriage, the mental weight can become too much.


Shon talks this week about the state that some clients find themselves in and how she helps.  Do keep in mind that Shon has a psychology degree too so she's quite sensitive to the needs of her clients when it comes to this, although she does have to maintain separate hats. Some are able to navigate the decisions that have to be made with a little assistance, while others are in need of a support circle and others, they have to find true professional help to deal with the loss and grief.  As we've talked before, the end of a marriage can be felt as a death in the family.  Let's keep in mind too that an attorney is there to help you through the legal world, and it's not an endeavor that's given away.  It gets expensive and if you are trying to lean on an attorney for emotional support, well, the meter is running.  Finding an attorney who's compassionate enough to understand while getting the job done is ideal, however their line of expertise is on courts and court proceedings and getting the best outcome for you.

Take a listen as Shon talks about mental health and a divorce from her perspective and see first hand the care and attention she gives to her clients and how she manages to maintain getting the job done for them reaching for the best outcome and knowing when someone needs a hand just outside her arena in the courts.  This is a great perspective on her work.  



Focusing on clients needs and the best outcome is what Shon Cook is all about.  Extending her practice through our digital platforms is amazing proof that is so much more to her than pushing papers, running cases through the courts and collecting fees.  She's a kind, caring and compassionate Attorney that strives for the best outcome for all, every time!  If you need an assist in Family Law, there's only one call to make.  231-894-0909.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly and of course, click on the photo at the bottom to visit her website for more.  We are so proud to have Shon as a sponsor and featured contributor to the Muskegon Channel.

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