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Happy Sunday!  Hopefully you're waking to a relaxing morning and a great start!  This week we don't have a lot of explaining to do when to comes to what Caitlin Anderson is doing when it comes to Tranquil Waves Yoga.  No big hard words, no articulate explanations of how you're going to contort.  Just a seated stretch for your lower back and legs!



Caitlin's goal is simple.  Spread her love of this ancient discipline while building up some awareness for the business she's trying to build and help people understand that "alternative" methods of body motion and mindfulness are not as "alternative" as once thought.  In the Western world we're used to body building, aerobics, endurance training and all that, but go back hundreds and thousands of years and the ancient art of yoga has steadfastly remained constant.  To share a little of that with Muskegon and have Caitlin be a part of the team here, it's a win for everyone.

Caitlin offers more individualized training too and you can always make contact with her through her website, you'll find that linked below if you care to take Tranquil Waves Yoga to the next level!

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