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Lawyers hold themselves highly accountable in a number of ways both ethically and as a group.  There are ideals that have to be maintained both in and out of the courtroom. One of those things is attorney client privacy.

Sensitive information is often exchanged between an attorney and a client that can be borough to light years after a case is settled.  Three also instances where an attorney mat have to bow out due to the fact that at one point in time, they represented the other party in a different matter all tighter.  Maybe the attorney is on retainer for the other party. There are plenty of reasons as Shon will explain in todays discussion, take a listen.


Shon is upfront and honest even to the point of having to turn away work if its not at her ethical standards


shon headshot, You can reach shind ar 213-894-0909.   You can always Email hr by CLCICKING HERE or click in the image below to visit her web sitel