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Have a hard time turning it off at night?  Truth be told, most probably do.  From the stress of daily life to the the amount of screen time we spend on out TV's, phones, tablets etc, by the time it's time for bed, the level of input is just being processed.  We are overwhelmed if we want to admit it or not.  Well, this week Caitlin Anderson has some simple relaxing steps to take to settle your mind and body before bed and hopefully you rest a little more soundly. 



Tranquil Waves Yoga is brought to you with the hopes that you can find a little peace and harmony in a time when chaos seems to reign supreme.  It's also one of our "upstart" projects here at the Muskegon Channel giving Caitlin the platform to show off her discipline and grow a business!  There will come a day when she's got her own studio, regular classes and a client list as thick as a phone book, but we all start somewhere and we're so proud to have Caitlin pick us! 

You can click on the link below to learn more about what else Caitlin offers when it comes to group or one on one sessions.  You had last week off, but next week, we'll be back again until then love, peace and Zen!

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