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Our sponsor and dear friend Shon Cook spends her Saturday mornings talking with all of us about the legal field and how she strives for the best outcome for all of her clients. She talks for a living and knows a thing or two about proper decorum and how people should address one another on a number of levels both personally and I professionally.


This week Shon is not only sharing some of her great legal knowledge, she’s taking some of that plain old “Midwest Girl from Iowa” know how and putting it right out there for those in her field who might need a refresher course or those not in the legal world who could stand to brush up on their interpersonal skills as well as it would seem for some reason the pandemic or some other factor has gotten us off the rails when it comes to how we speak to one another and how we handle situations in a professional manner. Believe it or not, a list of name calling, yelling, lying until the lie becomes the truth and the manipulation of facts isn’t generally what’s called for in productive discussion and it really begins to become a waster when it’s a lawyers time that your paying for on either side of the debate. It can also be a pretty good indicator as to the level of professionalism that you are dealing with if an attorney or any of their assistants engage in derogatory or inflammatory language verbally or in writing.


Shon spells it all out fairly well if you take a listen, we’re sure you’ll learn something if not simply a return to the manners you were taught as a kid.

Practical honest and to the point. Kinda what Shon is best at along with her ability to help in any family law situation. 231-894-0909 is the number to her office if you’d like to call. You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email her directly and of course, you can find her website by clicking on the photo below. 

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