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No sweat, no strain.  We're just going to work on breathing this week with Caitlin Anderson on Tranquil Waves Yoga.  The benefits of a regulated practice of simple, deep yogic breathing include: Muscle Relaxation. Increase in energy levels. Reduced anxiety, depression and stress. Lower/stabilized blood pressure.  Let's jump right in to episode 18 of Tranquil Waves Yoga with Caitlin Anderson on the Muskegon Channel!


Even just the extra fresh air makes ya feel good doesn't it?  This ancient art seems to be catching on more and more, week after week as we watch the numbers on Caitlin's page go up.  This has been a great move for everyone, especially the viewers because trying something new and "different" can be awkward in group settings but giving it a try at home through your mobile device, or watching on the Muskegon Channel for Roku or Amazon Fire TV, well, that makes adaptability a little easier. 

We've got a few more Tranquil Waves lined up and ready to go for ya.  Caitlin is going to be adding a member to the family soon and recording new episodes might be difficult for a bit.  We're thinking that maybe we go back the beginning for a while and show some earlier episodes while mom and the new arrival settle in.  We'll keep them coming though and we sure wish Caitlin and family as many blessings as we can find for a happy and healthy birth coming up!

To learn more about Caitlin and her practice you can click on the image below to visit her website.

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