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What we see play out on TV and in the movies is so ill reflective of how the legal system works, that the reality of it all comes as a shock to many.  The countless hours of preparation, information gathering, disclosure, advanced briefs to the court and so on.  We see the "flash" in the media, but it's rarely the case.  As we've talked with our great sponsor and contributor Shon Cook before, the intricacies of the legal process far outweigh any of those moments of drama in a real life court setting and this is what she comes by weekly to educate and inform the audience about.


This week, we're talking about settlement offers between disputing parties and how they can help resolve things minus the in exact science of having a complete stranger make a decision for you based on what's presented.  The process can at times feel like there's too much "give" from one party or another, but the element of surprise is taken away and relying on an attorney who understands the methodology  and past of the judge making a decision, could be highly in your favor before you actually go to trial.  If an agreement can't be reached via discussion or arbitration, there's always the trial, this is true, but that element of the unknown as well as the cost of going to trial plays in an attorney who understands all the dynamics of the procedures and understands the cost effectiveness of what you're fighting for, that's an ace in the hole that should be paid very close attention to.

It's a quicker discussion this week and Shon happened to be working from home as well at the time of our meet up, so don't be surprised by a tiny hiccup in the internet, everything is audible however and she's making a lot of sense in our discussion about settlement this week on Saturdays With Shon on the Muskegon Channel. 


Even down to the mindset of a client settling over a contention Shon considers all aspects of the best outcome for her clients.  The fact that she's right here, week in and week out giving you full disclosure on what you should expect as well as how things actually work should show you too just how much value she puts into her practice and her clients.  If you need a hand with Family Law, call Shon, 231-894-0909.  CLICK HERE to email Shon directly and of course, you can find her online and that's linked below!  

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