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A stroke is a blockage of blood flow to the brain, or a ruptured blood vessel in the brain.  Signs of a stroke are a side of your face drooping, speech difficulties and weakness on one side of the body.  The immediacy and urgency of a stroke is in the fact that once it starts brain cells begin to die almost instantly and the damage is profound.  This is why Mercy Health is working to promote Stroke Awareness Month in May.


You may flash back to younger days when you heard of a family member or friend of the family having a stroke.  For me, it's the memory of a dramatic change in those who suffered one and then seeing them really slow down, often need the use of a walker or cane and then there was always the risk of another which back in the 70's seemed inevitable.  Today, there are advanced imaging and treatment options that can turn the tables in favor of the stroke victim dramatically if caught in time and time is ABSOLUTELY of the essence if you notice any of the above symptoms. 

Mercy Health in Muskegon has incredible Doctors backed up by a team of specialists that work to coordinate the care of those who have a stroke.  Dr. Pavowski is a Neuroscience Specialist at Mercy Health in Muskegon and we spoke to him last year about strokes and care for them briefly.  Rebecca Toney is the Stroke Coordinator for Mercy in Muskegon and they are joining us today to talk about the signs, urgency and outcomes for stroke survivors along with sharing some education about what you can do to help prevent a stroke from happening in the first place.  This is an incredibly valuable few minutes of conversation that our partnership with Mercy Health can provide.  We hope you take a listen and heed the advice should you see the signs in yourself or a loved one of a stroke.   


Prevention is key of course, and should those preventative measures fall short, the need for medical care is immediate.  The technology and those who know how to use it are right here in Muskegon.  Know your risk, know the measures it takes to prevent a stroke and know that should you see a sign of anything discussed here, that Mercy Health is ready in an instant to treat a stroke and prevent further damage from occurring as the clock ticks on blood flow to the brain.  After all we've been though with hurt and loss, let's all take steps to prevent and treat a stroke.  You can click on the link below.  Later this week, we'll be talking to Dr. Noah Thormeier about the simply amazing WATCHMAN procedure for Afib.  Stay tuned. 

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