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It's a timely toping this week on Saturdays With Shon as we all approach the return to work after a very extended period of time where we were asked to work remotely if possible to help control the spread of COVID.  It's not really a discussion about ideology as to the correct approach from State Health officials, everyone has their own opinion of that, however, returning to a more formalized setting from working remotely could spark some new dust up's or maybe there have been some brewing over the away time, or maybe even before all of this began, there were some issues that slowed things down some and nobody was really "winning" anything as the problems persisted.

Well, as we've talked multiple times,  Shon is an amazing Family Law Attorney and she's also a licensed Mediator who can come in and help resolve things in a number of settings that range from those snags that come along in Family Law as well as something you may not have known, workplace conflict.  The goal is as always with Shon, work toward the best outcome.  Maybe it's a sit down with all parties involved to find out the core of the issue and come up with a strategy to solve it.  Maybe it's a few one on one discussions for her to gather some info and work toward that resolution?  The end result is paramount, to find the solution and get everyone on the same page and the core of the needed work out of the way so the work can get done in a safe, happy and productive environment.

Of course, these are some hypothetical situations discussed in this weeks feature, for something like this, you are certainly going to have to share specifics with Shon or another highly qualified mediator to get the specific needs met, but here's a beginning of the process on our talk this week on Saturdays With Shon, on the Muskegon Channel.


We're all decompressing after a long and seemingly never ending journey.  As we return to what we knew, well, there are bound to be some times when things just don't gel and it's going to be part of the "We're in this Together" mantra we got beat over the head with at the beginning to get back to what we knew.  With that, asking for a hand on the really sticky stuff....there's no shame in that and having an incredible resource like Shon and her team on hand to help with those adaptive struggles, that's why she's here weekly putting her cards on the table and showing you how it works!  Give her a call!  231-894-0909.  CLICK HERE to email Shon directly or if you prefer, the website, is linked below.

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