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If you're one of our regular followers of Tranquil Waves Yoga with Caitlin Anderson, you've not only taken on a new way of maintining a balance in life but you've probably notcied that Caitlin is working on a new addition to the family and we are super excited for her!  As she's in the final few weeks of her term, we're rolling back on some of her earlier segments, as it's been amazing to watch her audience grow in the few short months she's been here with us, and you may have missed some of the first few episodes!


We go back now to Sun Salutation A on Tranquil Waves Yoga With Caitlin Anderson on the Muskegon Channel. 


We're waiting on the new arrival and if you think we're ready for new, imagine Caitlin! :) Most important of all is a happy and healthy delivery of a new baby and mom, so for the time being, we'll hang with the "best of" and await the arrival of the stork!

To learn more about Tranquil Waves Yoga, you can visit Caitlin's website below!

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