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We hope the holiday weekend provided you the rest and respit that was needed by so many.  The holiday weekends seem to come and go so much faster anymore and to take a break after the way Becky worked everyone out in the month of May, it was well overdue.  Well, she's back this week and relying on body weight and dumbbells to get the work done!


We're at The Gym in North Muskegon.  It's our anchor location.  If you are looking for a place to join now that things are getting back into the swing of things, conisder The Gym.  Small, affordable, family run and all the ameinities you'd expect to find in any health club, minus the never ending hype and the clientel that you may wonder about.  It's more like shopping at a neighborhood market compared to a big box store without giving up anything by way of technology or know how.

As always, we recommedn you consult a Dr. before you begin this or any work out.  Make sure you drink plenty of water, warm up and stretch out and let's roll!  Here comes Fit and Healthy With Becky episode 192 brought to you by Mercy Health on the Muskegon Channel.


Boom Shaka Laka!  You did it and we're proud!  We're going to be in a couple of weeks of "Best of" shows with Becky for the next week or so.  She's got some previous obligations and Andy was unable to get to film her in time to get things rolling before her commitment began.  So, a flash back or so will be coming your way and we promise it won't be any of the brutality you found in May.  Really, we know it was a lot!  :)  

If you'd like to take the next step in your health journey, get a hold of Becky through her website.  Individual, group or even offerings for a work place are all there and she's such a delight to be with.  We're also creeping up on 200 episodes and we can't thank Becky enough for being a part of this thing we call the Muskegon Channel from almost day 1!



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