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You got a bonus week last week while Becky was vacationing and the guy with the video camera was moving.  This week, she's easing you back into the routine you need to stay Fit and Healthy and of course, it's brought to you by Mercy Health!  We are at The Gym in North Muskegon for this weeks episode and we hope the time off was refreshing for you and that as you get back into it and Michigan gets back to "normal" that you keep on keeping on with a fitness and health routine or even add to it if need be while keeping safety in mind.  The numbers of the pandemic are low, but we don't need another outbreak and to go backwards on anything!


You'll need a pair of 8 pound dumbbells for this weeks work out.  It's a fairly easy one compared to the month of May when Becky was out for blood.  Must be the warm breezes of the Pacific got her mind right and you can be thankful for that.  She really let it out last month.  No matter where you are on your fitness journey, make sure you begin with consulting a Dr. first to make sure you are able to complete this or any other work out.  Make sure too that you drink plenty of water, warm up and stretch out because here comes Fit and Healthy With Becky episode 193, brought to you by Mercy Health on the Muskegon Channel. 


See, told you there was nothing to run scared over. Those ocean breezes did her good.  As the state removes all restrictions coming up on the 22nd, if you are looking for a place to get a great workout in that's got a grown up feel and is missing all the hype of the national chains, check out The Gym on the 4 Corners in North Muskegon.  If you need a little more personalized attention, Becky offers classes at The Gym as well as one on one training!  If you waited to drop the Covid 15 till now, now is a great time to get a hold of Becky or stop into The Gym and see for yourself what's going on and how you can fit in and stay Fit and Healthy.

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