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We have some very exciting news for you!  As we've been talking for the last couple weeks, our resident provider of your Sunday Morning Zen was in the process of awaiting a new arrival.  Well, we're very happy to say that momma and baby are both doing very well and they are in the process of getting to know one another for a bit while the new arrival takes a look around and mom recovers!

We'll be back to new episodes of Tranquil Waves Yoga with Caitlin Anderson here pretty soon, but since we've got a pretty healthy bank of episodes from the past, let's revist some for a few weeks until everyone is ready to roll!

We wish nothing but blessings and good luck to the growing Anderson family and hope that you do too!  On to Hands and Knees this week! 


As Caitlin works her way back to work, have a look at her website for more infomation on her practice and passion for it! She's developed quite a following here and in due time, we can easily see a studio coming along for her! We're honored and pleased to see a young person grow a business through what we publish!

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