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After a week taking care of her biggest passions away from work, her horses, Shon is back to talk a little more about an area of her work that she's equally passionate about that doesn't require litigation, and that's mediation.  The best outcome for all is the goal Shon always shoots for and sometimes avoiding court is a better move than placing a decision of great magnitude in the hands of a judge who's only interest is to make the letter of the law happen and removes all of the attachment to a situation.  It can be a toss up in a court room and mediation can quite often prove more effective by giving all parties a stake in the game. 


Today, Shon is discussing mediation in the workplace and how there is a very distinct path to resolution, even among those who don't think that it will prove fruitful in their participation.  There are three stages to successful mediation and working with a trained professional like Shon is paramount for not only the discussion, but to also help train people in your work place how to handle situations that may arise and make things happen after some time spent learning the steps through qualified training.

Shon is also springing some very exciting news about her law firm.  It seems that there will be a new address soon to find all there is to offer from her specialized services in and around Family Law.  Listen to this weeks episode and be excited to hear where the new surroundings will be for Shon Cook!


Shon is always filled with great information but more over, she can put rubber to the road when it comes to making words action.  As we talked last time, a disfunctional workplace is expensive and Shon can help turn into that skid with qualified advice and proven practices when it comes to mediation.  If you need a hand in that area, it's as simple as a call.  231-894-0909.  You can CLICK HERE to email Shon directly or, click on the image below to visit Shon Cook online.

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