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Caitlin Anderson continues on maternity duties.  Hey a new critter is much more important than new shows, especially when we've got a bank of them that you may or may not have seen yet, but are perfectly good refreshers or first time encounters no matter where you are!  Yoga has been around for 1000's of years and we're pretty sure that it's not going anywhere in the time it takes to recover from the birth of a baby.  Which, by the and baby are both doing just fine and Caitlin will be back as soon as she's ready with new practices for you!


This week, we rewind to her 20th episode where she focused on some breathing techniques.  Not everything is all bend and stretch, some of the discipline of yoga is mindfulness and technique.  It's an incredible blend of things that help promote well being and a healthy body and spirit.

So, without further adieu let's go back a couple short weeks to Tranquil Waves Yoga, Episode 20.  Three Part Breath.


When Caitlin is back up to full speed, she'll be back with new episodes and she continues to strive toward higher levels of certification in her yoga so when the day comes and Tranquil Waves Yoga is an actual studio, she'll be light years ahead of anyone else and you'll be assured of your ability to fit in, be in a warm and inviting atmosphere and you'll be supporting an amazing woman who's passion for helping others will carry on for generations. 

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