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Quite often Mercy Health is thought of as "The Hospital", which it is and you'd be right in that thought.  But Mercy is so much more than just that.  Mercy is a health system and their mission to make a healthy community goes far beyond just a place to head to the ER if needed or a place where you go to recover from a surgery.  Sure, your first step might be one of the two aforementioned doors you walk through, but what about the after care?  The community outreach?  The embedding of highly trained and remarkably skilled people within some of our most highly regarded institutions around town where they can help in an instant if need be?  Mercy Health provides all of that and then some through multiple channels including rehabilitation services for anything from recouping from a major surgery to a twisted up ankle.  It's provided by local people too who know the community and the people in it.


Take for instance Ted Quick.  If he looks familiar, he should. Ted is the Athletic Trainer for the Big Reds as well as a highly degreed rehab professional at Mercy Health.  Gone are the days when the "athletic trainer" was the guy handing out water and washing towels, Ted is an Athletic Trainer (AT, ATC) and has a B.S.Degree from GVSU and if you stop and think about his job with the kids of MHS as well as the community at large, he's got a lot at stake.  Let's start with the young athletes.  Muskegon High School is well know for producing some of the most incredible prospects for all levels of college athletics there are.  Keeping these young people healthy and in shape to protect their's paramount.  Now, let's talk about the res of us.  We might have some unique problems.  Ankle twisted in the sand?  Can't see much of that happening in an all asphalt community.  Throw your back out shoveling snow?  Arizona folks won't be wrestling with that problem now will they?

Ted's goal is simple.  Find out what happened, find the best route to recover and refer you up the chain if more care is needed for your particular injury.  Summer as we know it is back and activity will be picking up.  Anything from a hike to a game of beach volleyball can result in knee pain, back pain or muscle pulls....but is that the extent of your injury?  It's best to be checked out of course and should it be an injury that's going to take a while to fix up you might just get to know Ted and see his work in action!

Ted is also talking about some of the practical stuff that could help you avoid him.  Proper equipment, shoes, training, warming up and stretching out.  Let's say you do run into a problem?  Rest, ice, compression and seeking some help from your primary care doc of his rehab team might be in order.  Take a listen to our "Ted Talk" on an injury free Summer with Ted Quick from Mercy Health  


So, if you end up with a twist, sprain, big ugly bruise or just something not feeling right, take the time to get checked out.  If it's an urgent need, head to a Mercy Health Urgent Care.  If it's really bad...get to the ER at Mercy and get it fixed.  You'll find amazing people like Ted every step of the way to help you back to health and wellness!

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