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For some, it might be the most out there thought there is, a "collaborative divorce".  Let's face it, when people are at the end of their rope and it's time to bring in the lawyers to help split up what was and venture down different paths, the idea of collaborating on anything is about as foreign as it gets.  It can become everyone for themselves and what was built in the marriage, well, even some of that can be used as "ammo" in the conflict when things come to an end.  It's never a good time to come to the crossroads where happily ever after ends, but there are some options to be explored in some cases and if the parties agree, maybe a lot of hurt and anger can be worked through. 


A collaborative divorce is an option for people who are divorcing, but maybe have some special considerations to consider.  Things like a multigenerational family business.  Maybe it's a long term marriage that has a high asset count and leaving the division of them up to the judge isn't exactly what is the best choice because the judge doesn't weigh out the feelings and emotions around everything, he or she just has to make a decision.  There are all kinds of factors that can play in and there are some special considerations as well when it comes to the process.  There needs to be a mental health professional involved, special attorneys that understand collaborative divorce have to work in sync and if it breaks down, both attorneys have to be excused and it all begins over, with the costs lost and the time spent gone.

It's a topic that most might not even know about when it comes to the legal world and that's why Shon invests some time with us weekly to help you understand all the possible options for the best outcome for all!  Take a listen.


If you have come to the fork in the road where you can't continue, but you've managed to not turn things into the "War of the Roses" so far, maybe a collaborative divorce is right for you.  Shon is a compassionate attorney who's goal is the best outcome for her clients, and you can CLICK HERE to email her directly.  You can also call 231-894-0909 to speak with her or visit her website by clicking on the image below!

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