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It was announced this week that the courts will resume the face to face hearings as well as jury trials and while that is a welcome sense of "normal" to many, it's also bringing us to a log jam in legal proceedings that will need to be addressed.  Courts have found a lot of ways to make things happen and learned some great work arounds while we were all "pandemicking", but business as usual is the way most in the legal system prefer to handle things and too, some of what can't be accomplished with digital help is ready to be resolved.


Shon Cook has been at the forefront of all of this "legal stuff" since the beginning and we've been here with her and Eric Stevens who works in her firm on criminal cases helping not only the courts adapt, but the public understand what's happening and why.  An outstanding resource for everyone when it comes to what's happening at the Hall of Justice as well as some of the intricacies in the legal world that people just don't often stop and think about.  Advocacy and education has been the mission of Shon and company since day one and we're so thankful they chose us to help spread the word.

This week, it's a little behind the scenes as well as a little real life experience when it comes to getting back going.  Did you know?  While Judges are elected, they are held accountable by the time they take to resolve cases.  You might also be interested to know that those cases...are backlogged!  Not to fear, the jobs are getting done of course, but the entire system is working still to find ways to innovate and be pro-active when it comes to resolution for those awaiting outcomes.  One of the ways it's working, is mediation and while not mandated here yet, it's pretty common elsewhere and, it's been Shon's mantra for the last few weeks.

This week, Shon is giving real life examples of how our legal system is working to get things back in the steady flow after 15 months or more of upheaval in the courts, take a listen to our conversation and learn a little more!


Like so many other places, there's more than one set of hands pulling on the rope. Shon and her team are no strangers to mediation as we've highlighted many times in the past and now, with a bottle neck going on getting back in business, we're seeing more and more of this suggested and hopefully one of the last remaining efforts to be made to get "back to normal" won't take as long as it could because so many great minds are on it, advocating for their clients as well as profession.

If you need legal help, the Law Offices of Shon Cook are our recommendation.  You can CLICK HERE to email Shon directly, you can call 231-894-0909 to speak to her via phone and of course, you can visit her online by clicking on the image below!  

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