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Shon Cook has been a magnificent sponsor of all we do for quite some time now and with her business as an Attorney and a Mediator, she's also grown her firm substantially and her quaint and charming surroundings in Whitehall have become a little on the cramped side.  Slocum road is gaining a wonderful new family in the place where Shon and staff worked tirelessly for clients, and with a move a little closer to "town", Muskegon Heights is getting a very large commitment with the purchase of the building Shon will occupy on Miriam Street just as you come in to town off Seaway Drive.  Shon has also made sure that with the ownership of the new building, MOKA who currently occupies the lower level of the property, will still have a safe and decent space to serve the people they do with the care they are accustomed to.


With that, this week isn't any real legal advice, thoughts on the effectiveness of mediation, or any inside scoop on how the courts are handling things pandemic or not.  No, we went up just to catch on for posterity and Shon wanted to share some thoughts about the incredible Whitehall community and, Andy has a few too for that matter.  The move is on for sure, the numbers and emails all stay the same but, with the notion that the only thing in life that's a constant is change, we sat down one last time in the "conference room" which will soon be the "dining room" once again on Slocum road to hear Shon's thoughts.  Take a listen. 


Well, an adequate wrap up from time well spent in Whitehall. The growth Shon is experiencing is outstanding. The ability to expand offerings to her clients with the same daily push for the best outcomes will grow and we....well we have to go find all new pictures and graphics. We hope you enjoyed the stroll down memory lane today. We'll be back with more incredible advise and realistic approaches to the legal world when Shon is ready. You can still find her online by clicking below, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly or call 231-894-0909.

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