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It's a spot that if you've ever been in it, you understand that it might not be the most comfortable situation.  You're down to the last 24 hours before a trial is to take place and there's a lot on the line.  Sure, Shon deals in Family Law, but no matter the circumstance, family law or criminal, standing up before a judge can be an intimidating experience and as we've talked over the last few weeks, the outcome is resting in the hands of a person who's got the facts, but they also have to make a decision based on what's presented and the outcome is always a question mark.


So, with that, Shon is speaking this week on what an attorney and client should be prepared for in the final 24 hours before a trial begins.  There have probably been weeks, maybe months, possibly years of preparation going into this day, so's been a long road.  Tension can be high as well as anxiety over the situation.  Add in possible animosity from the other litigant in the case and of course lawyers that should be actively arguing with passion on behalf of their clients and it's pretty easy to see where a handful of Tums might help.  Then, there's the chance that all of it could be for naught if there's a last minute hallway conversation that settles it before the judge sees the case.  We might need to factor in things like kids taking the stand, combative witness the list goes on.  Shon explains that as an attorney, her role is to make sure her client is well aware of all of the possibilities, outcomes and procedures as the day approaches as well as helping them understand that costs are part of the factor, time and most importantly to Shon, control of the outcome to the very best of her ability.

We get our first glimpse into Shon's new office on Miriam Street in Muskegon Heights.  She's in, but there's still some renovation going on and while the curtains have to be drawn for the lighting, her view is splendid from the swanky new digs.  Take a listen.


Shon's world feels like a roller coaster at times in her professional career I am sure.  She is a seasoned pro at it of course and part of her job is to assure that you or I, if ever we need a hand from her, understanding the situation from all angles and that we might be a little nervous going in to the day of a trial, but she's made sure all the I's are dotted and all the T's are crossed.  If you need a hand of a highly qualified attorney, Shon is only a call away.  231-894-0909, you can always This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly and as we await the final touches on some photos of her new office, you can click on the smiling face below to visit Shon online for the assistance you need. 

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