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We are excited to inform you that this should be the last rewind of Tranquil Waves Yoga!  Caitlin has been given the all clear from the doctor to resume activities, our new addition to the team is happy, healthy and giggly and we're eagerly awaiting some new ways to develop and grow in this ancient discipline next week!


Today, we're going to go back a bit however.  This episode ran 5 months ago and back then....spring was just springing, Caitlin was just starting to grow her audience and in all honesty, the way life moves today, 5 months ago might as well have been 5 years ago.  So be it a refresher course or a brand new episode for ya, the Half Sun Salutation is what we've got going today and we hope that you are able to get a little something from it.


Ok, there you have it.  We should mention how profoundly grateful we are for you sticking with us while Caitlin had her maternity leave.  In fact, not only sticking with us, the rewind episodes actually continued to grow in reach and viewership over her time making sure all was set with the new arrival.  Sure, we're all about making new content, providing quality local programming and helping those who work with us attain some higher goals through media.....but we are way more concerned with what makes all of this happen and that's the people who create.  It takes drive, determination and commitment to sit in front of a camera alone and believe that people will watch.  Caitlin shows that daily and she's got the moxie to succeed in anything.  If you'd like to know more about her work or take working with her to the next level, click on her logo below and make a connection. 

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