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Shon Cook is a remarkable Family Law Attorney and Mediator and believes that the best way to assure that a trusting relationship with any of her clients is built on being up front and open with them about the practice and procedures that they employ to work toward the best outcome.  Part of that extends here to the Muskegon Channel where she adds a weekly segment talking about some of the things that the legal world has to do, but might not be exactly as "seen on tv" or that the general public doesn't really stop to think about.  After all, if Shon's field was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?


This week, Shon is going to go into great detail about the sometimes unexpected and hidden costs that surround a divorce going to trial.  Yes, there's of course a retainer to the law firm and billing for the hours of work, however there's a long list of other things that can add up quick that people don't often put into consideration before they begin.  How about things like the costs of getting research done?  Costs of court documents, costs of appraisals costs of things like specialists who might need to testify in the matter of custody issues.  These are all some of the things that are the "hidden costs" of the work that needs to be done in the legal world.  

Shon goes even further with this weeks discussion and it's quite eye opening.  Of course, out conversation here is for general knowledge purposes and ever legal case has specific things and needs that you need to discuss one on one with your attorney, but Shon is here to at the very minimum give you enough know how to know to ask the right questions.  Take a listen. 


Can't get much more open than that.  It's a pretty basic philosophy Shon operates under really.  Help people have the most thorough understanding of what all of the moving pieces are to what is happening and let them make the most informed decisions they can to achieve the best outcome.  Often when Shon begins with a client, they are at a stressful time of their lives.  A divorce or any family law matter can be devastating on so many levels and it's the knowledge and compassion added by a highly qualified attorney like Shon that can make the difference, up to and including maybe not even needing to go to litigation.  If you need help from Shon, call 231-894-0909, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly or you can always find her online by clicking on her ad below.

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