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As we promised, there's a brand spankin' new episode of Tranquil Waves Yoga for you this week!  Catilin is once again in production on new content but there's a twist.  Just before maternity leave began, much like the always missing sock from the dryer, one of Caitlin's episodes got lost somewhere in cyber space and the whereabouts is still unknown.  So, while you may think..."Hey, is she pregnant again?"  She's not.  Mom, baby and family are all great but instead of letting an amazing part of her discipline go to waste, we'll air an all new episode with a look you're plenty familiar with.

This week, Cailtin is showing you the proper form and technique for the wide legged forward fold and goddess.  The wide legged fold will help strengthen and stretch the inner and back legs and spine.  You'll also see benefits to relieving a mild backache, strengthening and toning the inner organs and a calming of the brain.  The goddess pose asks us to get in touch with the divine feminine within ourselves, balancing our strength and power with deep inner wisdom.  Can you see now why we didn't want the "lost episode" to be lost?

Caitlin is always overjoyed to share her experience and passion for yoga.  She's back to making arrangements for one on one with digital visits available and of course you can always catch her here on the Muskegon Channel with new, or previously run episodes.  It's your Sunday morning moment of Zen.  Tranquil Waves Yoga on the Muskegon Channel. 


Nice huh? Your mind is clear, you're stretched out. You've attained a place where you can head into a Sunday and hopefully the rest of the week at ease.  We're so happy Caitlin is returning with more new episodes now, and if the sample size here doesn't quite fill the craving, make sure you visit her online to learn more about what she offers and how you can learn more about this ancient art of wellness.  

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