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Ok, a two week break is over!  It's back to the grind with Becky at The Gym in North Muskegon for episode 201 of Fit and Healthy With Becky!  She's busting out the TRX straps this week and if you don't have a set yourself, you could substitute a towel around a stair rung or a pole in the basement or whatever might give you an anchor point to do a little pulling and tugging.


The idea with the straps, like most any of Becky's workouts is to keep things changing up.  Not only to effect muscle groups and keep them active, but to keep you in tune and entertained while you are participating in her workouts online or in person.  Diverse and unique ways to keep people engaged are a big part of being a Certified Personal Trainer and they are a big part of why Becky's success along with her knowledge of proper nutrition, a healthy mindset and all around good spirits. 

As always, please consult a Dr. before you begin this or any other work out.  Drink a lot of water this week, if you're working out or not and don't forget to warm up and stretch out too!  Here comes Episode 201 of Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Mercy Health on the Muskegon Channel. 


Ta-Da!  Becky is working fast this month.  The times might be shorter, but as she mentioned, do this complete program 3 times through for the most effective work out.  Becky is available for more advanced workouts in a group or individual setting.  You can connect with Becky by clicking on her photo below and of course, The Gym in North Muskegon is our home base.  If you want a local spot, run by local people that has everything to offer that you'd expect from a gym, minus the pressure and the hype of the big national chains, you will LOVE The Gym.  They are on the 4 Corners in North Muskegon and you can stop in to learn more or find them on Facebook linked below.

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