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The world today is filled with two types it seems, "the wide open books" and the group that "likes to keep private private".  Well, if in fact you need the services of Shon Cook for a divorce, you may find yourself in a position that neither are overly comfortable in.  Self expression and opinion all have platforms now, but the nitty gritty of life all has to come out when we're talking about disclosure in a divorce proceeding so all parties can be clear on what's to be divided and what's going where when things are settled.


It's an intrusive feeling, thus this weeks episode.  Laying it all on the table means financial records, sometimes it means medical records including mental health.  You may have to discuss any extramarital affairs, any anything applicable with minor children, bank accounts that are secret and so on.  It can feel like a very invasive process, but it's a part of the legal process called discovery.  It's in the discovery portion of the proceedings that both sides of the case are able to learn what there is do divide and what factors led to the end of the marriage.  It's also an incredible time to think about some of the other divorce proceedings Shon has discussed in the past like Collaborative Divorce or maybe Mediation in advance of presenting the case.  The best outcome for clients is always paramount and leaving the decisions, after all this disclosure, to an impartial Judge....can turn out as a plus or minus.

It's a healthy discussion today.  Shon has a lifetime of knowledge to share and does just that to help people understand the field in which she works so they can be informed consumers and that if they need a hand, they will know the right questions to ask her or another highly qualified attorney.  Take a listen. 


Knowledge is power. (I've heard that somewhere before.)  Shon drops by weekly to help you understand the intricacies of the legal world as well as some of the jargon in plain English.  If you listened to the video this week too, you heard that Shon would like to open the floor to questions from you!  Keep in mind, your question should be general and not make mention of any specifics that would get in the way of attorney client privilege's.  Your questions will be coming to the Muskegon Channel first so make sure that you form them in a general state to maintain your privacy and the integrity of what you may need later in a court.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be addressed on the video can be sent at that link.  Specific needs for legal help, you can EThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly here or call 231-894-0909 and you can always visit her website by clicking below.

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