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One of the key elements of our working with Attorney Shon Cook is to not only help the viewers of her segments understand some of the things that are a little on the more difficult side of a specialty as intricate as the law, but to help her business stand out in a very competitive field.  We've enjoyed a great relationship and to watch the number of people who tune in as well as the needle move some for Shon has been equally rewarding.  We are collaborating on a mutually successful partnership and that's an unspoken, shared passion between Shon and us, we shoot for the best outcome.


So, as we've followed the story.  Shon has moved from the quaint space that her office provided in Whitehall down to the Merriam Street just off Seaway Drive in Muskegon Heights.  The move has been spurred on by increased business as well as expansion of what her practice offers for those in need of legal services, collaborative options as well as mediation alternatives to leaving major life decisions up to a judge.  Outside of litigation the other options that are being offered in the expansion and we've talked about often, are really great ways to work things out and make sure that the most control is left in the hands of the people directly effected.  Shon is a master of it in Family Law and as her expansion begins to unfold past the new address, some new faces are popping up to help serve more clients, in more ways than ever before.  shon redFollow Shon Cook Law on Facebook

Jeanie Colella will be a new associate with Shon Cook Law beginning Monday and has extensive experience in civil mediation and will be diving in to family law mediation in the very near future as well.  If the name rings a bell, Jeanie was formerly the Executive Director of the Child Abuse Council in Muskegon.  She's also been an instructor at Muskegon Community College and Baker College and serves on the Human Relations Commission in Grand Haven.  We'll get to meet Jeanie next week, but for now, Shon is bursting at the seams with the news so, let's let it roll!






Big news for Shon as she continues to grow her footprint in her services offered in the Muskegon Area and beyond for those in need of some help in or out of court.  It's a matter of making sure of a few things.  First, that people have a good understanding of what they are facing and how to attain the best outcome.  Second, have highly qualified members of the staff who can help in any way.  Third, and it's something that you'll only find in a farm girl from Iowa who became an Attorney.  Compassion, dedication and a desire to make sure that every need is met for those she serves!  We're so thankful for Shon and her support of our work with her partnership.  If you need her, 231-894-0909.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view e-mail Shon directly or you can CLICK HERE to visit her website.